If you have a love for design, you most likely also have a love for typography. Fonts are used and seen in everyday life
all the time, and yet nobody seems to notice them. When I look at a font, I see shapes, curves, and lines. This allows
me to use typography in art. I like the combination of the two and I think it’s a beautiful way of design. Below are a
few of my favorite inspirational typographic art pieces! This is what I eventually want to make.


I found this artistic typographic art piece, on the blog
called, Artist’s Books. There are other nice examples by the same artist.

I found this really unique zebra, made out of the word zebra.
I absolutely love the way it was done. There is a really great
graphic design blog, here. They have an entire blog post just
about black and white typographic art. This is my all time
favorite example of the art.


This was a different take on tyopgraphic art and is done more with lighter colors
and a lighter weight of the font. It’s a really graceful way to display type. I found this
example on another blog site called, BeCreative.